Through playing percussion instruments, singing and storytelling, Calypso Kids takes children on a musical adventure, designed to

Catering for:

  • Families
  • Pre-schools & nurseries
  • Schools

We provide:

  • Parent & child music classes
  • Children's Parties
  • Tailor-made music classes for schools, pre-schools & nurseries
  • Extra-curricular music classes
  • "Calypso kids is the best class I've found for little ones in the Shipston area. We love playing all the different musical instruments and singing the songs. EmmaJane is brilliant with the children and my daughter loves her. Milly's interest in singing and playing instruments has grown hugely since we started going to Calypso Kids, and it's great to have a repertoire of songs to sing in the car that instantly cheer her up! I can't recommend Calypso Kids enough!" Henrietta and Milly (2 years).