How it all began — Calypso Kids Ltd was founded by Emma-Jane Roberts in 2010 to provide quality music and arts education.

With sixteen years teaching experience in the classroom and management responsibilities as a deputy head teacher, Emma-Jane knew the importance of high quality provision that parents and educators trusted.

The introduction of PPA in schools (equivalent of an afternoon per week release time for teachers to plan, prepare & assess) brought new challenges to her role as a deputy head. Who will cover the class teacher during this time? What lessons will they teach?

Emma-Jane Roberts

These responses from class teachers were Emma-Jane’s first inspiration for Calypso Kids.

After becoming a mummy, Emma-Jane returned to work part time and one aspect of her job as deputy head was covering PPA. And what subject did she teach? Music! With the arrival of her 2nd daughter, Emma-Jane wanted to balance her love of teaching and leadership and management skills with greater quality time with her young family.

And so that initial inspiration for Calypso Kids became a reality.

What we do — Calypso Kids Ltd provides quality music and arts education for schools, early years settings and the local community. Music making, storytelling, dance and art & craft classes are all available.

Classes are carefully planned and delivered to meet the needs of all children ensuring that learning is purposeful, creative and most importantly fun.

Classes follow a variety of themes including minibeasts, colours, counting, weather, historical topics, and are tailor-made for the individual setting.

Calypso Kids Ltd provides ALL the instruments so that ALL the children play in EVERY class. There are sets of each instrument for up to 30 children so there is no need to share or wait turn; just lots of time to enjoy making music together. Instruments include maracas, guiros, drums, triangles, claves, xylophones, recorders, tambourines, world percussion and many more.

In addition, children use puppets, parachutes, ribbons, scarves, books and handmade musical mats unique to Calypso Kids Ltd enabling the children to respond imaginatively to music.