Calypso Kids in Nurseries

Let Calypso Kids bring our passion for music-making into your setting.

Watch as your children's eyes light up when they meet Calypso the Frog.

Feel their excitement as they wait to see what instruments are in his lily pad!

Prices from only £38.00 per class.
Discounts available for multiple bookings.

  • "Our children absolutely love their visit from Calypso the Frog! The sessions are themed to compliment whatever topic we are doing at the time and really enhance the childrens’ learning experience. Whilst enjoying using the different instruments and singing with Calypso, the children are also gaining essential attention and listening skills, developing their language skills, enhancing their creative development and even working on their fine and gross motor skills!"
    Shipston Pre-School.

What happens in a Calypso Kids class?

The class begins with the children asking Calypso the frog "What's in the lily pad today?"

When opened, the lily pad reveals the session's theme and the instruments to be explored.

New and familiar songs are sung to aid speech and language development;

The children participate in action songs to develop co-ordination;

Listening skills are developed as the children explore the individual instruments

A variety of props are used to stimulate their imagination enabling them to respond creatively.

The class ends with the goodbye song, cuddle and a Calypso Kids sticker!

Why Choose Calypso Kids?

Founded by a qualified teacher, you can be confident that sessions are carefully planned to deliver the aims of the EYFS and will meet the needs of all your children.

Calypso Kids provides all the instruments so that every child can learn to play percussion instruments during every session. There are sets of each instrument for up to 30 children so no more sharing or waiting turn, just lots of music-making!

Instruments include maracas, guiros, drums, agogos, triangles, claves, chime bars, bells, rainmakers…

Classes can be tailor-made for the individual settings and include themes such as - People who help us, Minibeasts, Colours, Animals, Growing, Numbers...

Give your staff the opportunity to enjoy being creative with your children without having to lead, & take advantage of the time to make developmental assessments of your children.

Parents appreciate settings offering outside specialist provision.